Casino jobs on cruise ships

The holiday season in Europe is just round the corner. More and more people tend to spend their holidays on cruise ships in the hope of having some extraordinary experience they have never had before. In one of our previous articles we have already referred to the fact that cruise ships are equipped with casinos operated by concessionaires. At this point there is a good chance for supply and demand to meet and those casino employees who have been sitting on the fence in the hope of a challenging and gorgeous career opportunity might feel that their time has arrived. Although approximately 3000 dealers and assorted personnel are currently employed on the floating casinos, prominent places are still in need of professionals.

By browsing the Internet in chase of casino jobs there are numerous options to choose from. Not only lower ranked positions are available but also croupiers, cashiers, slot technicians, dealers and even managers and assistant managers are sought. It is known that salaries are higher than in a casino on the land but the staff has to have high endurance, be able to deal with many types of people and during their shifts they have to be at the disposal of players with undivided attention. Nevertheless, since casinos on board can operate only at a certain distance from the shore, port days are holidays for the employees.

Nobody should think, however, that being a good poker player or having won some money at an online casino enables him to apply for any of the above mentioned positions. Sitting at home in front of the computer and playing online casino games do not provide enough knowledge for this profession even if you are unbeatable or have eidetic memory. Sometimes it is not enough either to have some months of work experience at a land based casino. Among the criteria a certain age limit (maximum 34), some years of experience, a friendly and outgoing personality are listed.

Doing a gaming course beforehand, which is approximately 1 year long, is a must. Plus, without signing up with an agency it is nearly impossible to be a casino employee on board. Employment agencies can help in finding a company in this field, after which not only the skills of the applicants are tested but also their personalities and the ability to quickly adapt to a floating community.

Anyway, if a position like this has not been tempting enough so far, we still have some things up to our sleeves. Destinations for which passengers pay thousands of pounds are just within arm’s reach, accommodation and meals are provided at no charge and other countries’ casinos can be visited to gain even more experience.

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