Best casino drinks

If you fancy a drink while playing roulette or blackjack in a casino, you are not the only one. Knowing that gambling and alcohol go so well together, most casinos even provide free drinks to their customers.

We made a list of the most popular drinks served at casinos that you can even prepare and enjoy at home. Even though we are absolutely passionate about beer and believe it is the most popular alcoholic beverage, we intentionally left it out from our list and went for spirit-based beverages.


Mojito is the ultimate summer cocktail, which gives you the kick of alcohol you need, without dampening your mood. Pair it with a good cigar and play on!


Whiskey in its own or as an ingredient in a cocktail is an elegant and smooth beverage that really does not require any further presentation.


Martini or its variant the Vesper Martini, made so famous by James Bond, it`s another typical casino drink that you can enjoy during your casino night.


Some like to enjoy this drink with Red Bull for it keeps them on the edge when playing long into the night.

Long Island Iced Tea

This drink comes with a warning for it is a very strong combination of triple sec, gin, rum, vodka, sour mix, tequila and Cola. Definitely not recommended for those with low alcohol tolerance, especially not at the casino tables.

Whatever you`re drinking, make sure you drink responsibly so that it won`t interfere with your gambling. And another word of advice: even if your drinks are free, make sure to tip your cocktail waitresses!

So what are your favorite casino drinks?

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