Betting on the Royal Baby

It is a well-known fact that Britons can bet on anything and they really do. With the existence of more than 9,000 betting parlours dotted all over the country, British people belong to the most wagering nations in the world. Since there has been some kind of hype around the royal couple well before they got married, it was inevitable that they became the target not only of paparazzi and tabloids but also of bookmakers and basically every curios person.

As the anticipated date of the birth of the heir to the throne was coming closer, more and more bets were placed on the baby’s sex. As Kate Middleton, the mother, had ‘accidentally’ hinted earlier that she was expecting a baby girl, no wonder that citizens eager to win were rushing to the bookmakers and placed their bets accordingly. However, there were some sceptics as well, who insisted on a baby boy and they were convinced that the Princess of Cambridge did not mean to say ‘daughter’ when she accepted a teddy bear from a well-wisher in March and said: ‘Thank you, I will take it to my d….’. It will never ever turn out if Kate Middleton had some other word in her mind starting with letter ‘d’ or she was divulging the wrong information deliberately or she herself was expecting a little daughter as well, but after this info had been leaked, some offices stopped taking bets on the sex of the baby

Most of the bets, about 30% of all, arrived only after it had been officially announced that the princess went into labour and the process started a real gambling frenzy in Great-Britain. Bookmakers were reporting a huge surge in royalty-related bets and they were taking in more than £1.2 million from all over the world. Then the big surprise came, the baby turned out to be a boy. Instead of being outrageous, those who expected a lot of money just because they expected a little girl kept on betting. Offices offered possibilities to bet on anything in connection with the newcomer starting from his weight, his hair and eye colour to his future career. However, the next most exciting question was the soon-to-be-disclosed name of the son. As Joe Crilly, a spokesman for William Hill, one of the world’s biggest online betting outfits said in an interview, money kept on pouring in and at £350,000 they had far exceeded the amount they had predicted they would take in.

Wagers did not have to wait long to find out if their ideas were correct in connection with the name of the little boy, some days after his birth, the ones who placed their bets on ‘George’, could collect their winnings. You would think that the betting series in connection with baby George came to an end but it is not so. People can still put down their money to the first word of the baby, to the date of the royal christening, to the date of the arrival of his sibling and also to his first nightclub gaffe with Uncle Harry, and as unbelievable as it may seem but the name of the prospective girlfriend of the baby is to be guessed as well. These topics are not as popular as the sex of the baby was but no doubt, they exist.

If everything happens as the putters expect, George Alexander Louis will one day study at the University of St Andrews in Scotland and his girlfriend will be named Camilla.

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