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In one of our previous >articles we have already discussed some aspects of the bitcoin. While it is still somewhat a novelty, the increasing popularity of the bitcoin has lead to it being used in many different ways (you can find all of the others on Dramming News). In turn, this has resulted in a rise of many bitcoin casino operators. In this article, we will discuss a few of the leading bitcoin casino operators, the games they offer, and some whopping numbers related to the revenue these casinos have reported in 2012.

BitZino is a casino operator with a varied gambling palette. It offers video poker, slots, roulette, 3 card poker, blackjack, and craps. BitZino was launched in June 2012, and its claim to fame is the application of a cryptographic method to prove that its shuffles are 100% fair, hence the `Provably fair` button. This button allows you to verify on the spot and independently the validity of a shuffle. The end result of this method is absolute transparency. There is no possible way that the players or the casino operator would know the shuffle of a deck until the moment it is actually dealt. This is undoubtedly the ideal casino for those who dread to play online casino games, because of their fear of rigged games. BitZino`s 2012 earnings from wagering are quite impressive: ฿10,137 in only seven months.

Another casino that uses the same cryptographic method to ensure the fairness of its games is SatoshiDice. Self-proclaimed as the “most popular bitcoin betting game in the universe” was first presented in April 2012 on by its operator, Eric Voorhees. The rules of the game are simple. To place a bet you have to send bitcoins to the provided address, and then similar to a random number generator (suggestively named the “Gost of Satoshi“) a number between 0 and 65,535 is produced. If the so produced number is less than the number you wagered on, you win. A really simple, yet very popular game, and its popularity is supported by the huge number of players. Currently, SatoshiDice accounts for 50% of the daily network volume in the bitcoin blockchain. And if this is still not a convincing indicator of the game’s popularity, the following number will surely convince you: already in its first year of operation SatoshiDice reported earning ฿33,310 from wagering. You could also consider looking at different crypto casinos online that offer players to invest in blockchain currencies like EOS while playing fungames.

In August 2011 a team of former online poker players launched Seals with Clubs, which provides Texas Hold`em Poker. As any “classic” online casino, Seals with Clubs offers many promotions and even the possibility to take part in tournaments. While Seals with Clubs transact their business only in bitcoin, they gladly accept players from all over the world, even the U.S. With the recent release of their Android app, Seals with Clubs is sure to attract even more players in 2013.

If you are looking to play more traditional games, you should check out Lucky Bitcoin Casino. This bitcoin casino offers all the classic and progressive casino games to play for fun or real money. And if that doesn’t tickle your fancy, you can have a look at the comparisons that have been made mit BTC so you have a better chance of finding the right platform for you and your needs.
If you want to give your bitcoin gambling experience a little edge, you could try out BC-Casino with more than 100 games some of which are themed with well-known Marvel superheroes.
Bear in mind that while these casinos may claim to offer fair gaming, they are not provably fair in the sense of Bitzino or SatoshiDice. Thus, if you are looking for full transparency, make sure to choose a provably fair bitcoin casino.

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