Early signs of gambling addiction

The saying “everything in moderation” holds true for gambling as well. Gambling is fun, but given certain circumstances fun can take a grim turn too. As advocates for responsible gambling, we believe it is important to be educated about gambling addiction as well, even if you believe that you could never be caught up in its vicious circle.
Here are some guidelines that may help you identify the early signs of gambling addiction:


If you find yourself gambling in secret, or lying to your friends and family about how much you gamble, you probably have a gambling problem. Being secretive about their “habit” is also something that alcohol addicts do. With alcoholics, as well as other substance abuse users, there are rehab centers set up, which people can click for more info to learn about. With gambling addictions, there are courses and treatments that can be used to help them get through this, however, it is approached differently.

No limits

Compulsive gamblers usually find it difficult to walk away from a bet. They play more and more to the point where gambling takes over their lives.

Money problems…

Those who gamble for fun don`t spend much on gambling, unless they can really afford to throw around some cash. Problem gamblers, however, are betting more and more money in order to experience the rush that gambling brings about and very often they bet beyond their means. They also use gambling as an escape from their daily problems and anxieties.

The gambler`s fallacy

The gambler`s fallacy is the (mistaken) assumption that a series of random events will determine the occurrence of future events. For example, a compulsive gambler will keep on playing even if he lost several times in a row, believing that he will win eventually.

Risky business

A compulsive gambler will go to great lengths to feed his gambling habit, and we`re not talking about borrowing money after they`ve maxed out their credit, but about the fact that some gamblers will not shy away from stealing or committing other crimes either.


Gambling addicts will prioritize gambling over everything else – family, career, personal development. All these are set aside to dedicate themselves only to gambling.

If any of the above hit closely to home, it may be time to seek professional help.

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