Gambling lifestyle

Many people consider gambling as part of their lives and cannot live without the milieu and the state of mind that gambling brings about. Some of them are aware of the importance of gambling in their existence, others deny it but deep in their hearts they also know where the truth lies. Should one envy the lifestyle that gamblers have and step on the same track, or it`s better to stay as far from gambling as possible?

It might be difficult to imagine a situation when a gambler is to be envied and not because of the money he had already placed on his secret bank account or because of the piles of the chips he had heaped in front of him. Believe it or not, there are gamblers who do it for the pure enjoyment and winning money isn`t their foremost aim. Friends who get together regularly and play poker over the dining room table during the night and do it only for the pure enjoyment are winners all. These guys usually have a job and work hard during the day; they just meet in the evenings or in the afternoons. Or they might only virtually sit at the same poker table miles apart from each other. The aim is the same, namely: to have fun. This is the “light” version of a gambler.

And then there is the other version, the “hard” gambler, who is more often believed to be the one who never leaves the poker rooms in casinos or is unwilling to stop staring at the screen if playing online. It is a more dangerous stage on the ladder of addiction, however, nobody should think that these persons are problem gamblers. There is no doubt that the “hard” gamblers do it for the money and not only for the pure enjoyment but the presence of this latter one is an important factor as well, which cannot be excluded when it comes to finding sensible explanations behind gambling. It is more than obvious that the members of this category usually have no “normal” jobs, so they have to make ends meet by gambling, but it is impossible to do something if you don’t like it at all. In order to be successful, to have new ideas, to figure out the movements of opponents and to get to know the others one should invest some time and commitment which is impossible or totally useless if you hate what you are doing.

Nearly most of the outsiders who do not believe in gambling visualize “hard” gamblers as people who always wear designer clothes, drive top class cars and take it for granted that these persons are loaded. Nevertheless, it is not necessarily the case. Those who are “hard” gamblers and live on poker or other online games, on sites like, might also lead an average life, with an average family. They just don`t go to an office every day, but rather sit in front of the virtual poker table and they are happy this way. And let’s confess: isn’t this the most important? And this is what they should be envied for.

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