Gambling related idioms

With the ubiquity of gambling throughout human history, it is no wonder that gambling is the source of inspiration for so many idioms. We`ve gathered our favorites for your reading pleasure:

All bets are off

We usually use this idiom to express that the outcome of something has become unpredictable. It is also used to refer to agreements that no longer apply.

The luck of the draw

You`ve probably heard it before: Ah, it`s the luck of the draw!, meaning that you don`t have any control over something as it depends purely on chance.

As cocky as the king of spades
Playing card king
We all know someone who is as cocky as the king of spades, that is, someone who is full of themselves, boastful and proud.

To be one card short of a full deck

It can be used to refer to someone who is a bit simple-minded or crazy. The non-gambling themed equivalent of this is probably the saying not the sharpest of knives in the drawer.

Hedge your bets

If someone is said to hedge their bets, it usually means that they are not betting or risking everything on one opportunity, but try several things.

Go for broke

In contrast with the saying hedge your bets, when someone goes for broke, it means that they are risking everything in the hope of a much bigger gain.

A house of cards

When something is like a house of cards, it means that it`s frail and it`s in a danger of being easily destroyed.
house of cards

Make bets in a burning house

Making bets in a burning house means that in a time of hardship someone`s efforts are futile or in vain, because matters are just getting worse.

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