Dice Gamblling

(How) can you gamble out of an (online) casino?

Strange question, isn’t it? Has it ever come to your mind that even if you do not visit casinos and do not take part in betting at different sport events and have never heard about registering at an online casino site and have never tried gambling on your mobile device you are still in connection with gambling every day?

Well, if you think it over, we gamble day by day. Not only in places set for this purpose but people gamble with their emotional lives, their luck, their everyday livings and their works as well. Why is it so? It is caused by a simple phenomenon that is called curiosity. Human beings are inherently curios and want to have a finger in every pie. We are searching for new experiences, mysteries and surprises and this process makes us more and more involved in things we inherently did not even plan to take part in. Since online gambling and mobile casinos are extremely popular they also offer a tempting chance to get in touch with new experiences and try how it feels to win some money without literally working for it. The above mentioned feature of mankind is well bolstered up by an event that took place in a South Korean temple and it turned out that even the most committed monks are curious and desire to have challenge and something unusual in their lives. In June 2012 a video was recorded in a prestigious Buddhist temple showing monks in the process of gambling and indulging in the frailty of flutter for thirteen hours.

Although it is true that online gambling can be traced back only to the beginning of the 1990s but you are mistaken if you think that gambling is the product of the modern age. Ancient cultures also did gamble in different ways but for the same purpose which is nothing else but the mystery of the random outcome of the events and the joy and thrill of winning. Let’s see for example a well known event in the ancient Rome, the gladiator fights or the Olympic Games. The latter ones have nearly continuously been organized in each fourth year since 776 BC and they still offer the same excitement as nearly three thousand years ago and even at that time the events involved with a kind of gambling as well. It is true that then people prayed to different gods to help them win while nowadays the proportion of those who visit some sacred place in order to ask God to be with them is quite remote but it is not rare to see people making the sign of a cross before they sit down at the roulette table or before they surf to a mobile casino page by the means of their mobile devices.

Let’s see another field of life where there are instances that appear every day and it would never occur to you that in a sense it is a kind of gambling. These cases might be so trivial that gambling is the last world that would come to your mind in connection with them. Any time when you give money for something and there is a chance that you will not get what you wanted then there is at least as much gambling involved as there is in a land based casino or in a mobile casino since both have a certain risk factor.

Let us tackle a less obvious example. What else do you think you can gamble with? It is not necessarily some material object like banknotes, chips or coins. You can definitely gamble with something that is not yours and not because it is not material but because it cannot be grabbed. What do I mean? The feelings of others. However weird it is, fooling around with a person without having serious intentions there is always a risk that either you or the other person gets hurt. Do you say that it is not gambling? What are the prerequisites or rather the two basic principles of gambling? Playing and risk. Both are fulfilled in the above mentioned case.

If it still was not enough, let me show one more example of everyday gambling. Regarding decisions one can be cautious all the time and choose solutions which are steady, predictable and do not offer a great income. Those who like risking belong to the other type and are willing to put all their eggs in one basket while they are aware of the fact that either they lose everything or win much more than invested. This latter type of persons would make great gamblers.

All in all, you always have to bear it in mind that something must be sacrificed in order to gain and as long as it is so and let’s face the fact there is little chance that it will happen, you can never really run out of things to gamble with. Gambling can take place not only in mobile casinos from the comfy of your home with your mobile device in your hand but also in everyday decisions.

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