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Lucky fools

I can’t help it if I am lucky

Does the title sound familiar? If so, it is not accidental, it is borrowed from a Bob Dylan song titled Idiot Wind. Probably the phenomenon is not unknown to anyone not only in the field of gambling but also in each area of our everyday lives. Fortuna knocks on the door out of the blue and usually those are awarded with luck who are the least expected to be. People who are not regular gamblers and step into casinos or register at online casinos just for fun, know nothing or very little about the rules and about the etiquette of this shiny world are ofen favoured by fortune. The stories of these most well-known lucky ’fools’ are collected into a bunch.

The most recent accidentally fortunate person is a 84-year old German pensioner who had no intention to gamble, just wanted to escape from the unusually hot air in Wiesbaden in June 2013 and decided to have a cup of coffee and a piece of cake. While sitting at the bar of the casino, an idea came to her mind, and tried the Ancient Challenge risking about €3. Nobody counted on what was coming and the gambler herself was the most surprised at what happened after. She left the casino with a coffee and a cake in her tummy and €83,711 in her pocket. She got on the bus, left for home and had no idea what to do with the money.

This is beyond fairytale, it is inconceivable.” These were the words of Norman Chad when he commented the ESPN broadcast of WSOP Main Event in 2003 upon the triumph of Chris Moneymaker. Being an amateur poker player against the best ones and qualifying at an online poker site is the reason why Chris is said to have revolutionised poker and made the so called ‘Moneymaker effect’ introduced into poker history. Starting with $39 and parlaying it into $2.5 million is some achievement that must be acknowledged.

In 2004 Ashley Revell made gambling journalists write his name rather often. He is the lucky fool who also acquired a place in the list of immortal winners. Upon selling all his property he went to Las Vegas and placed the total $135,000 on red number 7 and managed to double his investment. How many of us would be willing to do something like that? Not many, for sure.

Betting on sports game is also a gambling activity. In 2011 an Irishman won £38,000 after he selected a football match he did not intend to bet on. His mistake cost £50 and brought him £38,058.71 which should not be considered a bad investment at all. The man believed that he had picked Benfica to beat Maritimo in the Portuguese Cup, but accidentally selected Benfica to win the league match between the sides a week later.

If it has just occurred to you that you might be the next lucky ‘fool’, do not hesitate, give it a chance. Who knows what tomorrow brings?

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