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New members in the online casino market ZyngaPlusPoker and ZyngaPlusCasino

The online casino business is rather competitive. That is a well known fact; there is nothing to be surprised about. If a new member wishes to offer services in this field, he must be prepared for the presence of great competitors who are fighting for players.

Still, it is not impossible to set foot in the online casino business. On 3rd April 2013 a new online casino and poker room appeared on the Internet. The new entities in question are Zynga Plus Casino and Zynga Plus Poker. Both belong to Zynga Inc., founded in July 2007 by Mark Pincus who named the company after his late American bulldog.

Zynga built its business around social gaming and there is a great experience behind the company. Having been present on the Facebook with the freemium (no cost to play but extra content can be bought) Farmville since 2009, Zynga really gathered experience on how to design games and offer them for virtual money.

This time, however, they came up with a real-money online casino and online poker room where bets range from £0.01 for slots to £1.00 for table games. Although they are open in the UK for residents over 18, users right now can deposit five different currencies i.e. US dollars, pounds, euros, Canadian dollars and yen as well.

Chief Revenue Officer, Barry Cottle announced that Zynga is just testing the UK players if they like Zynga Plus Poker and Zynga Plus Casino and their aim in the long run is to create the most valuable casino games and social experiences for them.

Currently Zynga is offering 120 slot machines, roulette, blackjack and poker of course. The games are powered by bwin.party, one of the largest and most reputable real money gaming operators worldwide. Creators did not forget about the tempting bonuses either, and upon registering the player is offered a welcome basket with four bonuses. Similarly, Zynga Poker appreciates time and effort put into playing and by participating in the game regularly, exclusive branded products can be bought at a relatively cheap price. Furthermore, by making the first deposit of minimum £10, an extra £15 will be added to the player’s account.

There are two ways to play at Zynga Plus Casino and Zynga Plus Poker. The gambler can either access the games straight from web browsers using Instant Play or a world class casino software can be downloaded for free.

A lot is expected from the first foray of Zynga in online gambling. After a massive decline of Farmville on Facebook, the shares of the company started a downfall as well, and the company hopes to reverse the decline by the launching of the online casino and poker room.

However, this is not all that Zynga came up with since Facebook and mobile-based casino games are expected to be announced later this year. The event is curiously awaited.

With these steps Zynga is said to get closer to its mission, that is, connecting the world through games.

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