Onboard casinos

In spite of the fact that in the past couple of years there were some news that pirates are in action again and are specialized not only in freighters but also in cruise liners (and basically in every moving boat on the surface of the water that could be robbed), more and more people think that taking part in a one- or two-week long cruise holiday is a good holiday choice. By now the disaster of the unlucky Costa Concordia is fading and cruise companies have realized that there is a growing demand for their services. For this reason they do their best to provide plenty of opportunities for guests to have an unforgettable experience during their trip. Passengers who insist on going to casinos during their holidays, do not have to waive their passion, most of the luxury ships are equipped with casinos. Let’s not be so hotfooted, the phenomenon and the idea is not new at all only circumstances are different.

Gambling ships were extremely popular at the end of the 1920s in the USA when gambling was prohibited or limited in the country. The three-mile rule (the distance to which shore-based cannons could shoot balls) made it possible to evade the law and over three miles anchored gambling ships were waiting for players and bovine authorities. Finally, the latter ones won the battle and after a while it was not worth maintaining these vessels. However, in the last decades of the nineteenth century more and more US states legalized river boats offering gambling activity, so in a way, the new casinos on the boards of the modern cruise liners are the descendants of these ships.

What makes gambling onboard different from a land based or an online casino session? There is only a handful of professional gamblers, rookie ones are in majority. They would never set foot in a regular casino but since they are on holiday they give it a chance and try their hands at beating Lady Luck. Identification of them is quite easy: they ask a lot of questions, make dumb moves and annoy other players.

It is not a secret that casinos make big revenue for the owners of the cruise liners. In order to maintain this state, it is essential to make players happy and let them win. As slot machines turned out to be the most popular gambling equipment at sea, attention is paid that slot machines are not set so tight.

Players are often shocked when they run out of cash in the onboard casino. There is a misbelief that if this happens, the poor passenger is left without a penny for the rest of the journey. In fact, most of the liners are equipped with ATMs and you can turn to your shipboard account for credit any time.

It is also a notable fact that casino experience is not the same during the day as it is at night. Cruise liners usually offer $5 minimum blackjack during the day and at night the tables are converted to $10 minimum and since all the queens are removed from the shoe it is extremely difficult to win.

Last but not least, the basic idea of players should be the same either water or ground is under their feet: risk only what you can afford to lose. And if you lose, consider it as part of the entertainment.

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