Online gambling abbreviations

Online gambling abbreviations, acronyms and slang

You do not have to be a computer-whizz chap or even a Facebook addict to be familiar with the acronymic expressions AKA, LOL, CU, ASAP or FYI. All of these became so wide-spread in the recent couple of years that even if you haven’t turned on you laptop for a while you could not avoid bumping into them. The meanings of these are all well-known, no explanation is needed what they refer to.

However, there are other abbreviations and acronyms with which only a certain group of people is familiar. A member of the IT staff would immediately know what AAT stands for, while for somebody who is wet behind the ears it would take some time to google that AAT means Average Access Time. Similarly, for a doctor the letters CXR on a patient’s case history with a recent date would immediately ring a bell and probably he would not send the patient to have an X-ray.

Each profession has its own slang and abbreviations and if you want to get in the circle, sooner or later it is inevitable to familiarize yourself with all of them. The same is relevant in the field of online gambling and online casinos as well. Never ever would you have a clue how imaginative and resourceful this ‘gang’ is. It does not make a difference whether they are just sitting on a train and staring at their android devices for online bingo numbers, or if they are at their workplaces and playing any kind of online game on their mobiles, the slang and abbreviations remain the same all the time. However difficult it may seem at the beginning, do not sweat, it is impossible to be in a loss. At first it seems unfeasible and sounds like learning a foreign language, but you will get used to it in to time and you’ll start using the KITs (Keep in Touch), NPs (No Problem) and all the others sooner than you realize. With the passage of time you will not be a Newb (or Newbie) any more and don not have to TC (take care) as much as at the beginning.

So once you have grasped that RL means real life, you will consistently use RL, sometimes even out of the online casino world. When you are AFK then it goes without saying in the chat-room that you are not available and you are Away From the Keyboard and when you let them know about your presence again, do not be surprised if you get a WB just to express their happiness and Welcome you Back. If you are so expansive that you wish to tell them the reason of your leave, you can type AFK2P, too.

When playing online bingo for example and you see 1TG, 2TG or 3TG then the player is rather close to winning the game, only one, two or three bingo balls are missing from his chart. However, if you lose and it is attributable to nobody and you are willing to admit is, type HHIS on your mobile device and the others will know that you are Hanging your Head In Shame.

For those who are just considering registering at a mobile casino, it is essential to know that if a site is a ROGUE one, then it is better to avoid, since it is a dishonest online gambling webpage and does not pay its legitimate winners. And do you know how to get some income by GNOMING? It is as easy as falling of a rock. Lend your ID to friends you trust and who are really good at online gambling, they sign up for a new account on your behalf and take advantage of the promotional bonuses provided by the given online casino in your name, in return for a certain percentage of the winnings. Beware of TILTing! Betting larger and larger amounts in an attempt to win back all the losses you accrued recently can be more than dangerous. You should rather pay attention to SRs and then you can play just for fun since it is a freebet and the Stake is Returned.

Now you know all the acronyms and abbreviations, don’t you? The most important ones for sure. There is a lot more to come you will acquire while having fun in an online casino, but TC.

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