Which are the most sought after gambling awards?

It is always a good feeling to be the best at something. The acknowledgement gives you some extra power to keep on doing what you have started and also makes you a more appreciated member of a certain society or perhaps of the whole world.

It is not accidental that all actors and actresses – whether they confess it or not – are eager about getting the little Oscar statuette, allegedly depicting the naked Mexican film director and actor Emilio “El Indio” Fernández. Although no financial tribute goes hand in hand with the statuette, actors who have been given the Academy Award of Merit can feel a bit more privileged than the others.

In 2004 came the idea that an award similar to the Oscar should be founded in the field of (online) gambling as well. After the abrupt bang of the gambling industry and with the appearance of online gambling, Clever Duck Ltd. did not make us wait for long and founded the International Gaming Awards (IGA) in 2004. The award recognises the very best ones within the online and land based gambling industry. The statue, i.e. the counterpart of Oscar, is a simple star, more precisely a pentangle, attached to a pedestal. There are 23 categories in which several operators can be nominated and voting is conducted over a 2-3 week period before the final ceremony. Among others, some of the categories are the following: Best Casino Operator, Corporate Services Supplier of the Year, iGaming Software Supplier, Innovator of the Year, Gaming Industry Fair Play Award, Mobile Operator of the Year, Online Bingo Operator of the Year, Online Casino Operator of the Year and Online Gaming Operator of the Year, etc. The balance between land based casinos and online casinos is usually maintained and their merits are equally taken into consideration. The panel of judges is an independent committee, of course, and surprisingly there are several women members in it.

This year the event, which was the 7th in row, was organized in Hotel Savoy, London, on the 3rd of February. All the guests were to comply with the “Black Tie” dress code and had to wait until 21:30 to learn the name of the award winners.

The other prominent award in the gambling industry is the one founded by eGaming Review Magazine, a well-respected publication in the industry. Last year`s awards were handed out for the 9th time in London, on November 24. As its name suggests, the non-figurative statuette is given only to those who are in the e-gambling business. There are three larger categories, namely the operator category (with several sub-categories such as Operator of the Year, Rising Star, Casino Operator, etc.), the affiliates category and the game of the year category.

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