The presence of bluffing in poker games

Even if you have never played poker or any other card games, you must be aware of the meaning of bluffing. The word has a wide range of uses and is not exclusively connected to poker. Originally it was a nautical term, and referred to the front of a ship that was vertical instead of leaning out and later it sneaked into the vocabulary of poker. Actually, bluffing was so important even in the 1830s that there were transitional periods when the game poker itself was called bluff.

Regarding bluff, there are two types of players nowadays. Members of the first one firmly refuse bluffing at the poker table and consequently, representatives of the other type are convinced that bluffing is the salt of poker and act of natural occurrence. Furthermore, bluffing is considered to be an art or a science.

When bluffing was used at the poker table for the first time, no conscious technique was employed the only aim was to stay in the game when a formidable hand was impossible to be produced. Since then, however, several sound principles, good planning and a kind of basic knowledge is required in order to be a successful bluffer. It is not enough to know how to do it you must be a quite good actor or actress to make the whole plan feasible. If you are unable to come up with a winning card combination and decide to resort to bluffing, pay attention to the opponents. If you are sitting in front of experienced ones, they notice inconsistencies in your actions, your behaviour and your movements and understand in no time that you are merely bluffing.

In order to make the opponents fall into a false sense of security, you need to take over the control over their minds. You should be prepared in advance and use bluffing at some intervals of the game, constant bluffing is easy to detect. The other golden rule is that never expect the same technique work all the time. Situation, environment, other players are constantly changing and so does your ability to bluff.

Since the huge gambling and poker boom, the term ‘bluffing’ took out a new lease of life and a new set of phrases and words developed that are unique to this phenomenon. If you ‘advertise’ in a game of poker, then you try to convince the others how mediocre player you are. However, in case of ‘coffee housing’ the bluffer tries to deceive the others by means of oral communications. Nearly all the players know that ‘bulling the game’, i.e. bluffing continuously is not the best technique, but if you still manage to win this way, you really ‘run a pot’. Perhaps ‘stealing’ is a bit less noticeable, when a player continuously raises during his turn in order to make the others get scared and eventually fold. Setting a trap requires a bright mind and you really have to be vulpine enough to entice your opponent into a state on sensitivity. The best is when a ‘snow job’ has been carried out and the game is won by bluffing.

You are mistaken if you think that bluffing does not exist in online poker. Although you cannot look into the eyes of the opponents and don’t see how nervously they behave, there are some things that are worth paying attention to even at the virtual table. For example, consider the number of players; it is always easier to deceive less people than a crowd. If you do it well, bluffing will buy you a lot of pots.

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