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The psychology of marketing and advertising in relation to gambling

Some decades ago people did not assign a reason to marketing and advertisements. Colorful posters with photos of tempting products, services, ladies or men were placed on billboards all over the cities and with the passage of time citizens got used to their presence not having the hunch that the pictures did have an effect on their everyday lives. Nowadays, billboards are still used but they have become digital, taking into account pixel pitch and placement to get the best display for advertisements.

After looking at them, the images are burnt into our memories willy-nilly and when a customer decides which product to buy, which store to go to, or which homepage to visit, it is for sure that the winner is the one on the billboard. This is exactly what the marketing experts desired to reach, i.e., to influence thoughts unperceived, appeal to souls, and direct towards a previously set direction. The impact of their effort can be traced to the number of customers. While some marketing companies like Salesforce use specialist software to ensure customer service and sales are to a high degree, the customer was very likely brought their way by billboards.

However weird it is, it must be accepted that by now it is irrevocably proven that the collocation ‘psychology of advertising’ does have a reason for existence. Using data-driven marketing techniques with companies like, businesses are able to market exactly what their potential customers are looking for.

As marketing and advertising are present in all fields of life, gambling is not an exception either, just the tools and the aids are different from the ones which were applied at the dawn of advertising. Casinos and especially online gambling sites are expected to flex some major marketing muscles. Renewal, novelty and the ability to attract new customers and keep the existing ones are dominant factors in the field of online gambling and to reach this, there must be a constant presence of advertisements in order to familiarize prospective customers with the chance to win huge piles of money online and to reassure the existing ones that they still have the chance to get as rich as Croesus by the means of online gambling.

What makes a perfect online gamble advertisement? One of the most important elements is recruitment. Without players there is no gambling, so somehow their attention must be attracted. The promise of a chance of winning a heap of greenbacks or playing from a convenient armchair from home, anonymity and lowering the extra costs are always tempting but they are not the only means. Pop-ups and flash advertisements referring to features which are the most important for the customers, like loyalty programmes, sign-up bonuses and large prize pools are factors that influence the choice of the players, too.

The advertisement must insinuate that the place is safe otherwise there is no chance to get to the next phase which is registration. The existence of trust and sympathy are crucial to have more and more registered members.

Once the person is registered and has started to play, the following assignment to carry out is retention. Keeping the players among the members as long as possible seems to be much easier than it really is. But still, how is it feasible? Attention must be paid to the layout of the site, sound effects, variety of games, bonuses, the perceived attractiveness and easy usability of the page. Players prefer converting winnings into cash in a simple way, tournaments, clear explanation of rules, low or no commission, online forum extra chat rooms and free-to-play games are also popular.

Colours also have an importance in the advertisement. Applying a lot of green which is generally associated with wealth, money, health and well being is more probable to be a good choice than using pink which is attributed to love and romance.

Not until you start to pay attention consciously to these subtle factors that might influence your choice, will you be able to detect the tiny tools which are meant to influence your thoughts and preferences not only in the field of gambling, but also in all fields of life.

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