Upside of gambling

The upside of gambling

Gone are the days when gambling was considered to be the privilege of lords, kings, and rich people. So is the conviction that gambling is inherently bad and those who wager and take part in poker, roulette, bingo or other casino games trespass and will get to the limbo. With the spread of land based casinos and with the appearance of online casino ones, the above view was reformed and the positive effects of gambling on the spirits and lives of humans started to come to the foreground.

Without being familiar with any scientific studies on the topic and just relying on common sense, it is not difficult at all to collect the most important beneficial factors gambling might bring to one’s life. It provides relaxation, fun, socialization and to some extent making a living – just to mention the most well-known ones. Nevertheless, casting the spotlight on the topic from newer and newer view points, previously unknown elements are highlighted.

One would never imagine that gambling can have educational purposes. With the proliferation of Internet gambling, where it is possible to play with valueless chips or where free bonus is offered, players have a chance to learn how to manage the available chips lucratively. This process can be transferred to real life and economising financial sources might be much easier this way. A certain skill, called estimation may be developed as well.

Everybody knows and psychologists emphasise all the time that human beings need company in order to be happy. This statement is particularly true in the case of old people. It is not accidental that many of them can be seen in casinos or they just hook on the Internet all day to keep company by the means of being online. They do not intend to pile up money and keep it secretly on a Swiss bank account, they simply just want to be around other people and have a good time even if all this is just virtual.

Has it ever come to your mind that the presence of casinos has a really strong impact on the economy as well? Although it must be a considerable amount, it is not necessarily the tax they pay that is highlighted here, rather the fact that the existence of casinos creates demand for the goods and services of non-gambling branches as well. Businesses unique to gambling have specialized in serving this growing industry. For example, slot machine manufacturers, chip producers, security companies, funds transfer system providers have assignments just because (online) casinos exist. Not to mention the fact that many people are employed either directly or indirectly just because casinos are created. Hundreds of croupiers, help desk assistants, cleaners, security guards are employed by casinos. An analysis has been carried out by Michael Evans, an economist at Northwestern University, and the study highlights that the establishment of casinos has resulted in a rise in employment and a decrease in unemployment.

Charity work is also an outstanding example of the benefits of gambling. Some organizations and charitable institutions host fund raising bingo as a way of helping those who are in need. The participants invited to such events are mainly celebrities who are willing to spend money without getting anything in return. In their cases the jackpot equals to having fun and the conviction that they help other people.

Last but not least, visiting a world famous casino might provide such a nice experience even to non-gamblers that they remember the special memory for the rest of their lives. It is a good feeling to state that yes, I have been to Macau or to Vegas and recalling all those impressions, memories, smell, pictures and atmosphere that were experienced there will always make the person happy and smiley. Furthermore, if some extra chips are won by these occasional visitors, the casino outing will be even more memorable.

At the same time, bear it in mind, that gambling might cause addiction so attention must be paid to stop gambling before it is too late. The positive effects of gambling on human beings can be experienced only if you manage to remain calm and you can make a cool headed decision when to stand up.

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