Top 10 annoying questions of non-gamblers to gamblers

Asking questions is the simplest way of gathering information on a topic. It is the way people – especially children – learn how things work. If you have a three-year-old kid in your environment you must know what it is about. The endless row of questions starting with “why” then after the tenth one continuing with tons of “how”-s it is more than tiring. Nevertheless, since the interviewer is a child, it is easy to forgive you get a grip on yourself and give reasonable replies. However, can you imagine the same situation with the slight difference that the questions are put by an adult? A seemingly smart person, a non-gambler of course, floods you with an interminable chain of questions. The best solution would be not to answer at all but how can you make a grown up man understood that a: it is none of his business b: it is a stupid question and makes no sense c: gambling is not a field where everything has to be explained. If you are a regular gambler and your non-gambler friends are aware of this fact, the following questions might seem to be familiar.

10. What is your opinion about this game … and this game…. and this game…?
Gamblers usually pay attention only to the games and (online) casinos they are in touch with. Being a professional or just a hobby gambler does not mean that you know everything about all the casinos and events in your continent.

9. Why aren’t you excited?
If you are a pilot, and fly from cities to cities every day, taking off loses its charm after a while and the excitement that was in your guts at the beginning fades away. This is the same with gambling.

8. When will you have a real job?
Why is a real job needed? And why is it impossible to accept being a professional gambler requires at least as much effort as working eight hours a day in an office? Although gamblers mostly use their computers and are sitting in front of the screen at home, it does not mean that they do not work. Nowadays it is a kind of job that is not a bit lucrative.

7. Is it legal?
If the legal system of your country allows you to play for real money in an (online) casino, there is no doubt about its legality. If something is not permitted in the USA, it does not mean that it is forbidden in Europe as well.

6. Why don’t you stop it?
As long as something is a booming business, why should it be stopped?

5. Why aren’t you talking?
Asking questions while a gambler is in the act of playing is one of the most impolite things to do. Is it so difficult to imagine that the gambler has to concentrate in order to win?

4. Are you going to stop gambling?
Asking as stupid a question as this one is probably the most effective technique to get the person round. Are you going to chase a camel tonight? – seems to belong to this category.

3. How much have you lost altogether?

2. When do you get paid?

1. How much did you win?

These three questions are the most common and the most sensitive ones. Even if the interrogator is a polite person, it is not difficult to fall into this trap. Smiling eloquently or just murmuring a “none of your business” is usually an impressive reaction.

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