Ultimate Roulette Facts

As a simple yet elegant game, roulette has a long-standing career in the gambling industry. Its roots go back as far as the 17th century, when the French mathematician Blaise Pascal, in an attempt to create a perpetual motion machine, invented a primitive form of the roulette wheel.

But this is not the only interesting thing about roulette. Here are some of the best and most interesting facts about this beloved game:

10. Roulette has remained pretty much unchanged since the 18th century. We`re guessing nobody went out of their way to reinvent the wheel.

9. In the 19th century roulette was so widespread in Europe that it was often referred to as the “King of Casino Games”.

8. There are three main types of roulette: European Roulette, French Roulette, and American Roulette. There are also variants of the classical roulette such as the Arizona Roulette or the California Roulette.

7. The most expensive roulette set is made of 14k solid yellow gold and pure silver and has a whopping price of $500,000. It`s a bit kitsch for our taste, though.

6. The house edge is lower in the European Roulette, so the odds of winning are greater.

5. Your mathematical skills are useless when it comes to roulette, you`re better off playing blackjack.

4. “Section shooting” or the ability of dealers to steer the ball in order to help out players is a controversial issue, but most professionals agree that it is more of an urban legend.

3. The first online roulette games appeared in the late 1990`s.

2. Originally roulette balls were made of ivory. Nowadays, most casinos use high impact plastic.

1. Two scientists, Michael Small and Chi Kong Tse, have worked out a system which made it possible to beat the game, but not in an undetectable manner as you would need an overhead camera to track the motion of the ball and the person throwing the ball. (More on the [email protected]http://scitation.aip.org/content/aip/journal/chaos/22/3/10.1063/1.4753920)

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