Huge Chip Win

Could you handle a big win?

All of us have dreamt about winning a lot of money at least once. Especially those who really have a chance to come into a fortune because they regularly visit casinos, play at online casinos or play the lottery. It is easy to plan how to spend the prize the lucky player might come into, what possessions to buy, where to travel and what services to try in order to make life happier. However, there is a general truth most people tend to forget. Money does not make you happy.

Some are aware of this fact and behave accordingly, however, others are unable to accept that material essentials can go as easily as they came and put no penny aside. Winning a fortune is a Janus-faced phenomenon and you should keep in mind that not only joy can be brought by it into your life. Change comes for granted but it is not always a change for the better, your life can be turned into a living nightmare.

With a certain type of the prize winners the biggest problem is that they do not have a plan before they come into a pile of money and start crazy prodigalism. They buy huge real estates and big cars. Unfortunately, it is not enough to pay for these possessions only once, maintenance fee, utility bills and different taxes must be paid regularly. Relatives, long disappeared acquaintances and buddies turn up out of the blue and everybody asks for money. Endless parties, family reunions and outings just “steal” the money unperceived. If the winner is not prepared for these and has no plan beforehand how to reject all these revelries, he might easily find himself in a worse situation than before he was a m/billionaire and depression does not avoid him either.

It is not accidental that many winners have gone bankrupt soon after the money was transferred to their accounts. They were simply not prepared for being rich. All of them, who are penniless now, say that they would definitely do things differently if they had another chance.

Of course, not only this type of winners exists. Unrealistic as it seems, people should have a ready plan on how to handle a lot of money well before the fortune is acquired. They usually divide the money and invest it at different places. Not putting all the eggs in one basket always seems to be a safe bet. It is a smart idea to think of the future and make the money work for you in the long run. You should also keep in mind that windfalls like this are irreplaceable and are not round the corner every day. At the same time it is not necessarily a bad act to spend all the money but it should be considered at first so it is not regretted later.

All in all, do not forget that getting a lot of money unexpectedly does not automatically bring happiness into your life. Either you are as rich as Rockefeller or as poor as a church mouse you have to work for happiness. However, there is no doubt that it might be easier if you are well off.

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