Gambling and music

Not only researchers but also most people tend to accept the notion that music does have a significant influence on several areas of our lives. General mood, atmosphere and in some cases even our well-being can be influenced by certain types of rhythm – just to mention a few fields. Nobody – or let’s confess, not too many – would listen to hard rock in the labour room, and apart from some extreme cases classical music is not expected to be heard on the beach. Similarly, the speed of music cannot be neglected either, especially in connection with gambling and risk taking propensity. This is what casinos are also aware of and try to play music in a way that leads us to play more and more.

Three prominent experts – Dixon, L., Trigg, R., and Griffiths, M.– dedicated an article to this topic in 2007 in International Gambling Studies (volume 7, page 315-316). They carried out a research in which they analysed the pace of music as a gambling propensity factor. For those who have already been aware of the power or music, its rhythm and speed, the outcome is not really surprising. On the basis of the findings of the above research, different types of musical tempos can have an impact on gambling behaviour. Faster music makes people place their bets more quickly, without a thorough consideration. Even if it is not a conscious act, participants at the table simply just do not want to lag behind and for this reason they let themselves be drifted away by music and throw in their chips with no delay. These players have an urging feeling to go on and to place bets. Faster music leads to more positive judgements of advertisements and they evoke happy feelings. At the same time, as it can be anticipated, slower tunes or no music at all make gamblers uneasy and the game is not so exciting. There is only the excitement of the game that puts players under pressure, but no other factor can influence their mood. No need to say that those who sit at the roulette, blackjack or the poker table are unaware of the power and the aim of the catchy melody – even if it is at a low volume – music does its job unperceived.

Since music has the capacity to affect the perceptions, behaviour, induce relaxation or modify psychological arousal, it is not an exaggeration to state that the importance of rhythm in casinos cannot be neglected. This is what advertisers and marketers have also realized and put this kind of knowledge into practice by helping casinos to target their consumer group. Also, this explains why some slot machines have pleasant musical interludes.

How about those who gamble online? Not all online casinos provide background music or if they do, not to each type of game and usually it can be turned off. Consequently, it is at the will of the player to decide if he wants to listen to some stimulating music or if he would rather play in silence in order to be able to concentrate.

One thing is for sure, however. Let it be either a land based or a remote casino, there is a great potential in the power of music and other environmental elements which are always applied by marketing experts and casino owners. The minute you enter a casino, you can be sure that anything is done to guarantee you a relaxing, calm and pleasant atmosphere during gambling. This is all you have to enjoy, the work behind it rests on the shoulders of experts.

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