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The first online casino

Being the first in something is usually a good omen. For this reason companies, experts, sportsmen or even scientists in a given field are always trying to come up with something new that has never existed or been achieved before and they expect to earn a good reputation by the means of the innovation or the new record they have set. No doubt, being ahead of the pack is usually a good feeling but it is true only to a certain extent and it is not always enough to be successful in the long run.

In the field of online casinos there are many that claim to have been the first one. In fact, there are two companies nip and tuck and they followed each other so close in innovations that it is not easy to decide who came first.

In order to run an online casino a so-called online casino software is needed, the first one of which was developed by Microgaming in 1994 but it was not launched until 1995. In the very same year, two brothers, Andrew and Mark Rivkin founded the Inc which had a subsidiary, called Wagerlogic and it licensed the software needed for online casino operation. Nowadays, both Microgaming and Wagerlogic have viable platforms to run online casinos and the former one operates The Gaming Club while the latter one has InterCasino. According to their websites, The Gaming Club was established in 1994 but launched only in 1998. Don’t be surprised if you have never heard about this casino before, since it was maintained exclusively for South African players and was called (not an existing website any more) at that time. Due to an acquisition was renamed The Gaming Club. If somebody wanted to play in the casino there was a rather ‘ancient’ procedure to follow. The first step was to phone the casino and get an account number and a password. Deposit was also taken on the phone via credit card. Real proof that they did really exist in the 1990s can be traced back only as far as March 1996. However, Inter Casino can officially be traced back to 4th July 1996. Of course, in the 1990s no mobile casinos or mobile devices which could be used as PCs existed, so these online casinos were the really elementary compared to the ones which are accessible today.

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From the information above, it is quite obvious that there are two contenders for the title of ‘The first online casino’ and in a way each of them can be considered the first. The Gaming Club was the first one to offer  online casino games for money (under the of but only in South Africa, while InterCasino was the first one to offer  secure remote banking and casino games on a global scale.

However heated the debate is, no real decision can be made. But do we really have to know which one was the first? As a prospective new player, do you really care about that? Or is it what you really care about if you want to invest some money and play in a online casino? It is as likely as not. What you would be interested is not the past of the casino but whether they can be trusted and if they really pay the money you won and don’t cheat the players. It is true that the longer the site or the operators managed to stay in business, the more established and the more stable the company must be but in this case the past is less important than credibility.

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