The most typical gambling logos

Establishing a company or simply just a partnership involves finding a logo which can be associated with the company in the future. For this reason it does have relevance what elements, which colours and what kind of symbols you choose. A perfectly picked logo might bring you many new clients and customers because it is so funny, smart or memorable. Similarly, the other extreme, a totally imperfect logo can also have this effect but only because it is so bad that people tend to remember that. Anyway, the best is to have a simple, discrete but still informative logo exempt from exaggerations and then you are a bit closer to success.

The above theory is relevant in case of casinos as well. As soon as the owner has decided about the target audience, the location, the furnishing and the type of games played in the prospective casino, the next step should be choosing a logo that cannot be misunderstood and identifies the casino itself.

The betting and gambling industry is an extremely fierce one and new participants are expected to be strong enough to be able to break into the market, their logos must be even better and more striking than anyone else’s. Since gambling is considered to be a risky area, it is advisable to choose a logo that represents or at least insinuates security to some extent. At the same time, logos have an extra task, namely to convince customers that they have a real chance to win.

The most typical elements of logos do not have a wide range, in fact the variety is rather narrow. One of the most frequently used symbols is a group of dice and it is no wonder, since dice are inevitable tools of many games. Due to the cube shape they can be creatively applied in any kind of logos.

Cards are at least as popular as dice. Most of the time their symbols (spade, heart, diamond and clubs) are used but joker is a beloved one as well. Joker indicates that betting is a game of luck and chances. Out of the 52 cards of a regular deck, creative experts do have a chance to create something innovative and totally surprising.

Slot machines are the most frequently used machines in any casinos and so is the slot machine logo. In this game only pure luck is needed and that cannot be symbolized differently than with smiling faces and coins.

And this leads us to the next most often used symbol in casino logos, i.e. currency. Cash is necessarily bound to gambling, so using coins or bank notes in logos is not a huge mistake at all. Pound, Dollar and Euro signs are tempting for anybody and it is so funny that by looking at a logo like that, a person who intends to go to a casino understands that he does have a real chance to win, however, somebody who is a bit sceptic interprets it in a way that the money in the logo symbolizes the loss of customers.

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