Top 10 celebrity gamblers

Why is it good that celebrities can be seen in casinos? Or is it good at all? Some say that it is a perfect advertisement for the casino in question, while others are convinced that these well-known persons just generate more and more problems and the number of gambling addicts might increase by the indirect contribution of celebrities. The more a famous person can be seen winning, the more his fans tend to honestly believe that luck will favour them sooner or later as well and put all their eggs in one basket. The only thing they forget about is the tiny fact that celebrities don’t care losing a heap of money. They can gamble really just for fun and risking $100 is nothing for them while for an average working class person the same amount might lead to bankruptcy. Gambling celebrities are hardly interested in the above chain of thoughts, the aim they pursue is to have a good time and experience all the positive effects gambling has on the human spirit. This is what the following (in)famous persons must have kept in mind any time they entered either into a land based or a mobile casino.

10. Shannon Elizabeth

She was the sex symbol of the movie American Pie and previously could be seen on the catwalk as well. Playing poker is considered to be her second job and she confesses visiting Vegas casinos at least three times a month. According to the experts she is a talented player.

9. Charles Barkley

The former NBA player is not as successful at the poker table as he used to be on the basketball field on the peak of his carrier and has admitted to have lost over $10 million on gambling.

8. Gladys Knight

The Empress of Soul has never denied her passion for gambling. In her autobiographical novel she honestly wrote about having been addicted to baccarat and sports betting for a while.

7. Tobey Maguire

The Spider man is so attracted to playing that he is said to have been sued for taking part in an illegal gambling ring.

6. Matt Damon

Similarly to Toby, he could not escape from the authorities either when he participated in an illegal gambling.

5. Michael Jordan

He is the most renowned NBA player ever. His gambling habit was so severe that it is rumoured that his retirement in 2003 was induced by gambling.

4. Pamela Anderson

If you were asked what she is famous for, gambling would be the last thing to mention. However, her marriage to Rick Salomon has something to do with a $250,000 poker debt to the man.

3. Tiger Woods

The golfer is addicted not only to women but also to gambling. He has reportedly gambled away $250,000 in Las Vegas.

2. Ben Affleck

He is well known for playing high-stakes poker and blackjack. In 2004 he won the California State Poker Championship and once he has been seen walking away from the blackjack table with a profit of $800,000.

1. Charlie Sheen

Our Charlie is present everywhere. Why would the casino be an exception? His ex-wife, Denise Richards stated that he used to spend about $20,000 a week on sports gambling. Perhaps it was because he made himself believe that ‘I am winning’ all the time.

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