Top 10 gambling destinations

Are you a habitual gambler? Would you like to try your luck in a new place but you do not know which country to choose? Here is a list of the top 10 gambling destinations; follow your instincts and you will not be disappointed.

10. Atlantic City
If you are in the eastern part of the USA and want to get an impression of the American casino world go to Atlantic City. No doubt, this is a fade replica of the Las Vegas atmosphere but still better than nothing.

9. The Bahamas
The islands became world famous and so did their casinos. From February to April it is a gamblers’ paradise. Tempting beaches provide excellent opportunities to relax for those family members who are not mad on gambling.

8. Monte Carlo
The beauty and elegance of the casinos make it possible for Monte Carlo to get on the list. The only problem is that it comes at a cost. If your bankroll does not match to those of millionaires’, perhaps it is better to admire the casino buildings only from the outside.

7. London
There are numerous casinos, even some of the best gambling facilities can be found in the city. The only disadvantageous factor is the weather, but you can forget about that soon while sitting in a casino.

6. France
Even if French legislation is a confirmed enemy of online gambling it must be acknowledged that with its more than 450 casinos it ranks among the best gambling countries to visit. If you get tired of climbing the Eiffel Tower or walking along the Champs-Elysées, the place for a perfect relaxation is a casino.

5. Gambling Cruise Ships
If you do not want to stick to one place during your vacation, a gambling cruise is the best choice for you. Either the Caribbean’s gambling hotspots or the Asian ones are those you are dying for, the chance is given to choose any of them. It is also a splendid place to find some drunk fish.

4. Aruba
A great way of life, sparkling sunshine, beautiful beaches and stunning casinos – it is Aruba. What else do you need? Pure luck and your pocket will be full of money. However, if you don’t spend all the time with gambling and hit the casinos only at night, do not forget to sip a cocktail on the beach.

3. Australia
With its more than 400 casinos and famous gamblers Australia is one of the most popular gambling destinations. Aussie Millions, a multi-million dollar series of tournaments attracts crowds to the Crown Casino.

2. Macau
It is called the new Las Vegas and it is not accidental at all. It is the largest casino in the world by far and the owner of an unrivalled amount of luxury. There is nothing else to tell about it, go and test it yourself.

1. Las Vegas
It does not come as a surprise, does it? Some would argue that Macau has already taken its place, but Las Vegas is still the cradle of gambling, it is THE gambling temple. Lights, glamour and the free drinks make it a fantastic gambling destination even if you bring your family. Everybody will find something to keep them entertained for sure.

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