Top Gambling Nations

Top 10 gambling nations

It is possible to enumerate the top 10 gambling nations on the basis of different data. One can rank them by the number of registered players, the amount of losses incurred or there can be many more categories to create. This article focuses on the top ten gambling nations taking money, more precisely the amount of losses in consideration. Be ready to be surprised, the result is staggering. If you want further information on gambling legislation and laws, you can visit a site similar to

10. A European country, Spain occupies the 10th place. The average gambling loss is about $418 per adult but Spanish people tend to get in touch with online gambling more frequently nowadays so Spain might progress in the list.

9. Although the country is known to be in a difficult economic situation, Greek people make Greece to occupy the 9th place in the list. Perhaps gambling is the last resource of the citizens to escape from the trap of debt. But is the situation really so bad if their average loss is $420 per adult?

8. Norway comes next in the list and it is somewhat of an oddity. If you think of the best poker players of the world, you might realize that many of them come from Norway. However, in most parts of Norway it is illegal to gamble. The loss Norwegian people make is about $431 per adult.
7. Since the world’s biggest gambling centre Macau is just round the corner, Hong Kong is the 7th among the gambling nations. Within Hong Kong, however, there are only some types of gambling that are legal. Apart from horse racing, soccer betting and lottery gambling is prosecuted.

6. The biggest poker playing market in Europe is owned by Italy. No wonder, since the government has legalized online cash games 24 hours a day, their online poker room ranks the 4th largest one in the world. Average loss is about $502.

5. Forty-one per cent of Finnish adults have confessed to gamble every day, acquiring the 5th position in this list. Some of the best known poker players come from Finland. These northern people seem to be talented at online gambling, even if many of them lose big amounts of money.

4. In which country do you think the gambling losses amount to $568 per adult on average? It is Canada where 75 percent of grown ups got in connection with gambling in the last year, getting the 4th place for their country in the Top 10 gambling nations list.

3. Due to the chaotic legal regulation of casinos and online casino industry, Ireland is awarded with the bronze medal. Approximately $600 is the average gambling loss among adults. Ireland planned to build a sports and leisure complex in Tipperary in Las Vegas-style.

2. Singaporeans are rather wild when it comes to gambling, their average gaming loss per adults is $1,174 and they also own the third largest gaming centre after Macau and Las Vegas.

1. It does not come as a surprise that Australia with its $1,288 gambling losses occupies the first place in this list. You can even bet on whether the central bank will raise the interest rates or not.

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