Top 10 gambling mistakes

Top 10 Gambling songs

Weird as it is, gambling became a part of our everyday lives. Nothing supports this idea better than all the songs that have been written in connection with gambling; the number of which have multiplied in the recent ten years. There are more than many lyrics containing words in their titles in connection with gambling but in the following bunch the best ones are collected.

10. Tumbling Dice – The Rolling Stones. (1972) This hit is for those who prefer counting the dots on dice to counting cards. In fact, the lyrics tell the story of a gambler who is unable to remain faithful to any woman.

9. The Angel and the Gambler – Iron Maiden. (1998) Not such an unusual situation, spiced with an unexpected pun. The song is about a devoted gambler and an angel that is attempting to save him by persuading to give up gambling. The interesting thing, a lyrical irony, is that in gambling an “angel” refers to a rich person who finances a gambler.

8. Gambler – Madonna. (1985 A ‘Gambler’ again, but not accidentally. Who else could authentically sing about a gambler than Madonna who is a gambler herself? Of course, not necessarily in the traditional sense but can you recall how many gambles she has taken with her music? Her style, her performance, her lyrics definitely were risky at

7. The Winner Takes it All – ABBA. (1980) Well, you could argue to have this song in the list, since it is obviously about love, but if you are the winner that takes it all, no matter what game you are playing.

6. Luck Be a Lady – Frank Sinatra. (1965) This song is said to have become THE Vegas song and it is a must on the playlist of those who are heading to get rid of their money or multiply it in a casino or online casino.

5. The Ace of Spades – Motorhead. (1980) If you like gambling songs mixed with a side of metal, this one is for you.

4. Blackjack – Ray Charles. (1955) The song captures the spirit of the game very well and while listening you have a feeling that perhaps Ray did not deal with the best hand.

3. The Gambler – Kenny Rogers. (1978) (There are at least three songs with the very same title but Kenny’s has the most impressive lyrics). This country song is about a poker player who meets a gambler on a train. The gambler is down on his luck and the poker player gives him some advice.

2. Poker Face – Lady Gaga. (2008) The core of the lyrics is to hide behind a poker face while trying to convince a man that the performer is into him while she fantasizes over a woman. Lady Gaga – enough said!

1. Viva Las Vegas –Elvis Presley. (1964) It goes without saying that this hit of Elvis occupies the first place in the list. The more than well known song is about hitting the casinos and making it big out there. The melody is easy to hum, are you crooning it now?

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