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Top 10 most ridiculous laws on gambling

Laws are always meant to bring some balance and computability to the lives of the citizens they concern. However, many times laws and regulations on some fields are so ridiculous that people rather laugh at them than keep to the inexplicable lines. Even though lawmakers are aware of this fact, they are not willing to change a word in the articles. Most of the time tradition is the reason behind decisions like these but we all hope than sooner or later the meaningless and pointless rules will be outdated and expelled from all the codes for good.

As it is well known, in most US states online gambling is forbidden, so it is no wonder that piles of funny legal regulations on gambling are from this continent even if they are not connected to online gambling. Other nations can also provide us with jocose paragraphs from acts. Below is a nice bunch of them.

10. You cannot have and operate a poker room in the state of Texas. At the same time you can play bingo, buy as many lotteries as you wish and scratching off tickets is also on the list of legal activities. Satanic poker is expelled.

9. Why do you think it is possible to bet at the track on horses running anywhere in the country while it is illegal to do so online? Have no clue? You are not alone, I bet.

8. Japanese law makers are not better either. Their criminal code prohibits any kind of gambling. Several exceptions are made, of course, so you can play the lottery and bet on horses or bet at motor sport events. If we accept that these are the so called ‘regular’ betting activities there is nothing to debate on. How about Pachinko, a pinball-like slot machine game? Although nobody argues that it is gambling, still it is an exception to the criminal code for historical, monetary and cultural reasons.

7. In Kentucky you can lose $4 without any consequences. However, losing $5 or more enables you to sue the person you gambled with in the upcoming 5 years and you are entitled to loss recovery. If the loser does not initiate legal proceedings in 6 months, anyone else has the right to file a lawsuit against the winner and might recover three times the amount of the original wager.

6. Train conductors must break up any gambling games aboard in Oklahoma. These poor guys are legally bound to do so otherwise they breach they employment contract. Beware if you have ever planned to become a conductor in Oklahoma!

5. In Illinois no pool tables are allowed in a public establishment, because it supports betting. Is the law applicable if the table is covered? Let the jury decide about that?

4. It was forbidden to bet on the University of Nevada sports team In Las Vegas. Can you imagine that betting in Vegas has ever been banned? According to the latest news, the ban was lifted in 2001 but it still seems to be weird.

3. Using dice when playing craps is against the law in Canada. For this reason, resourceful gamblers have invented how to play craps with cards.

2. In Oklahoma women may not gamble in the nude, in lingerie, or while wearing a towel. What a pity! It is no use considering opening a strip gambling bar then.

1. Since 2006 Internet gambling is prohibited in Washington State. Yet thousands of Washington residents confess gambling on the Internet, and nobody has been charged with a crime under this law. Is there an explanation for the existence of this ruling?

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