Top online gambling myths – debunked!

Humans are great story-tellers and, for that matter, great story-inventors as well. Our brains are wired to search for an explanation for everything and where our reasoning doesn’t help, we supplement by inventing a story-line. Driven by our fundamental need to order the world around us, our brains are starving in the absence of an explanation and, much often than we like to admit, we end up fabricating myths and misconceptions. Once these myths are embedded in the popular belief, to overturn them becomes a most troublesome endeavor. Nonetheless, we have gathered the most vexatious myths that surround online gambling and debunked them:

Online gambling is more addictive
Many frown upon the internetization of gambling and fear that online gambling presents grater risks of addiction than land-based casinos. The opponents of online casinos argue that making this activity so easily accessible will significantly increase the number of gambling addicts. However, these claims are not supported by scientific evidence. Accessibility does not tantamount to the development of addiction, irresponsible behaviour does, however. Reputable online casinos encourage responsible gambling and online casinos can be better monitored to avoid problem gambling than any traditional casino. Some online casinos have even developed various mechanism to prevent problem gambling. The most commonly encountered method is setting a deposit limit or a betting limit to your account. Thus, you can still have fun, but you can’t bet beyond your means. Another device is the self-ban function, which allows you to ban yourself from an online casino for a certain period of time.

Online casinos don’t pay

This may be the case of disreputable casinos, which is why you should only chose to play at a licensed online casino. Also, always read the payment conditions of your online casino! There are certain situations where an online casino has the right to refuse payment. Such cases may include: breach of security, suspicion of fraud, lack of proof of identity, violation of the rules set out in the Terms and Conditions, etc.

All casino games are rigged
We reiterate: chose a legally licensed online casino and you will not have to agonize over this problem. Legally licensed online casinos are regularly audited with respect to their gaming software and payout percentage in order to certify that their games don’t contain any bugs, conceptual errors or dishonest procedures. Also, casino games undergo a control regarding procedures associated with receiving deposits from costumers, keeping track of the movements in their deposits, and withdrawal procedures.

Online casinos have an open door policy towards teenage gambling
The age and identity verification processes are actually very rigorous and casinos maintain a strict no underage gambling policy. The main method of age verification is confirmation through the player’s credit card company, or from another financial institution where the player has an account open.

Online gambling is not secure
Gambling Commissions regulate this aspect of online casinos as well. Online gambling security is twofold: it covers personal data protection and security of transactions. As in the case of any organization that processes personal data, it is imperative for an online casino to comply with several principles of the Data Protection Act. These principles include: processing of personal data should be fair and lawful; personal data should be processed for limited purposes; processing should be adequate, relevant and not excessive; processing should be in accordance with the individual’s rights, etc. Security of transactions refers to the security of payments and withdrawals. The best online casinos use SSL Data Encryption technology, which is the standard security software used by banks and major financial institutions over the world. Now that you know what to look for when it comes to security, be sure to do that before registering at any online casino!

This slot machine is due for a win eventually!
Also known as the gambler’s fallacy. While some algorithms may offer an insight to the probability of winning, you should always bear in mind that slots machines are random and the outcome of each and every new spin will be unrelated and 100 % random to the previous one. Also, under no circumstances should you think that chasing losses is a good idea. Au contraire!

Only lonely people gamble online
Loneliness has nothing do to with the incentive to gamble online. Laziness, affordability, comfort are more likely to explain this one.

All in all, you should gamble responsibly and not only in the sense of not betting beyond your means, but also in the sense of choosing wisely when opting for an online operator over another. Make an informed decision! Get as much information as possible about the online casino you are about to register at, until you feel reassured in having made the right decision. And you don’t have to do this because the online gambling world is out there to get you, because that’s simply not the case. You don’t buy a car in two seconds either, do you now?

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